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Are you ready for a little piece of paradise?

Summer is finally here, unless it is raining here today. But I'am so ready for free day, only 2 more weeks and before the kids are free for summer. I'm so looking forward doing fun things with them and my hubby. This is what inspired me to create this fun and colorful summer collection.

Summer can be a paradise for everyone on a different way or a different place. You can have your own little paradise in the garden or what a about a beautiful paradise at the beach or pool. With this collection you can scrap any memory you would love to scrap. It doesn't mattter what place it is made... Now Available in both of my shops.

Of course like always the best deal for you is the bundled deal. Save 49% of the original amount.



Layout walk through with Wendy + Tutorial

Hello Everyone... I'm here to show you one of my latest scraps with my own products.
In November i brought you the Collection Move your feet. I made this because my oldest little girl was starting with Jazz Dance. This month After more than 6 months of practise she had her very first Dance Demo. She was looking forward to it for weeks already and was so nervous and excited when the day was here.
In the morning before they left some ladies were putting some make up on her and making her more beautiful with some fun little sparkles next to her eyes. Of course i had to watch her very first show, and i felt so proud with her. Sadly short after her dance started  she forgot a part of where she had to go, so she started to cry and i felt helpless to see her like that, but happily she refound herself short after that and had a lot of fun with the other part of the dance. We are so proud of her she did this with such a big public. And she did so good.
This weekend i made my pocket spread…

Going Places: Hatchery Collection

I wish i could explore the world more and visit different countries and places. Or just make more City trips. With this collection i inspired myself how i would be and feel to travel the world.
This collection is perfect to scrap those travel memories. if it is just for 1 day or a complete long vacation.
You will find: elements, papers, pocket cards, stacked cards, bonsu papers and an alphabet. And when you purchase the bundle you will also recieve some wordbits for free. For a limited time only, for just $8.00

Let's take a closer look.

And with purchasing he bundle you will also recieve these wordbis:


Have a Lovely Weekend!